MoveWell® Daily Dozen Series

Daily Dozen

12-bodyweight oriented exercises to prevent injuries and enhance your sports performance.
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Movewell Academy | Daily Dozen

The MoveWell® Daily Dozen Series consist of twelve bodyweight-oriented exercises designed to correct the most biomechanical asymmetry and prevent the most common injuries associated with particular activities.

Designed and compiled by certified Movement Training Specialists, the MoveWell® Daily Dozen exercise series is targeted towards individuals who struggle with pain, chronic injury, and/or difficulty losing weight due to painful movement patterns.

The exercises are designed to combat the most common excuses for not exercising:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I don’t belong to a gym
  • I don’t have equipment
  • It hurts to move

In just minutes a day, an individual can prevent injuries and eliminate pain in a small space using minimal equipment.

Daily Dozens for Purchase

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  • Daily Dozen Armchair

    Get a full body workout sitting in a chair, that exercises all three planes of motion and the three key areas of rotation

  • Daily Dozen Aviator

    Fly high with these amazing full body stretches before you take to the skies, developed for US Navy pilots

  • Daily Dozen Back Talk

    Get rid of back pain by mastering these twelve moves, these exercises activate key muscles of your hips and core

  • Daily Dozen Baseball

    Need some help with your swing or pitch, give these a try, focusing on rotation through three key areas

  • Daily Dozen Bass Players

    Feeling the strain from plucking the strings, loosen up your upper extremity with these stretches

  • Daily Dozen Bridge Standers

    Keep your stance nice and tall with this set of 6 exercises

  • Daily Dozen Core

    Looking to tighten the tummy, look no further than these 6 exercises to get that 6 pack

  • Daily Dozen Cyclist

    Increase your pedaling speed with this series of 12 full body exercises

  • Daily Dozen Daily Dozen

    Make these 12 movements part of your daily routine to stay healthy and focused