Professional Live Workshops

A Collection of
Knowledgable Courses

These workshops are live and in person to give the participant an opportunity to experience hands on demonstrations and presentations regarding real world orthopedic problems. Workshop topics include anatomy and kinesiology, manual techniques and functional movement training.

About the Workshops

Bring the MoveWell Academy live to your clinic. From 1/2 day to two-day seminars, learning experiences are thought-provoking, engaging and immediately applicable. Explore the musculoskeletal system through a wide variety of topics or let us customize a seminar to meet your needs.

All participants will receive course materials, a certificate and continuing education credits towards their professional development.

Workshop Topics

The Missing Link

  • The Missing Link: Solutions to biomechanical problems you won’t find in text books (16 hours/2 days)
  • The Missing Link of the Shoulder: Discover a new way of thinking in the treatment of orthopedic shoulder conditions (8 hours)
  • The Missing Link of the Knee: Explore a variety of treatment options in relation to the knee joint (8 hours)
  • The Missing Link of the Spine: Effective and efficient techniques for treating spine dysfunctions (8 hours)

The Real World

  • Real World Anatomy Series: “Back to the Basics” learning approach for a true understanding of the Anatomy and Kinesiology of each joint (4 hours each joint)
  • Real World Counterstrain: Learn the concepts and techniques of this beneficial manual therapy technique (8 hours)
  • Real World Foot/Ankle: Real World exposure to this most often injured part of the body (8 hours)
  • Real World Lumbar Spine: In depth focus on the various dysfunctions and treatment options of the lumbar spine (8 hours)
  • Real World Manual Therapy: Designed to enhance participants ability to normalize posture and movement in the real world (8 hours)
  • Real World Muscle Energy Techniques: Learning and understanding the true approach of the osteopathic manual technique (4 hours)
  • Real World Shoulder: Advanced thinking of integrated shoulder function and understanding of this problematic joint (8 hours)
  • Real World THA/TKA: An exploration of knee and hip function as they relate to joint replacement (8 hours)
  • Real World Core Training: An introduction to core stabilization activities and training of this important set of muscles (4 hours)

Functional Strength

  • Functional Strength Training: Designed to enhance and optimize athletic and work performance (8 hours)

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