Professional Masterclass

A Guide to Advancing
Your Daily Practice

Welcome to the MoveWell Mentorship program. Here you will find all the information you need to start your journey. This 10-week program aims to enhance your daily clinical practice. focusing on patient treatment, professional development, and achieving work-life balance. Weekly check-in calls keep you on track and allow for a truly customized experience. Are you ready for the next step? Find out more information below.

About the mentorship program

It has been a dream of Sherry’s to launch this program to give back, to educate and provide a platform for clinicians to growth and develop both personally and professionally.

Drawn from her own experiences, Sherry shares her expert insights on creating a balanced, fulfilling professional life, while also prioritizing time to enjoy personal time. She is very passionate about the importance of teaching and sharing knowledge with both colleagues and patients and hopes this program can inspire participants to become mentors themselves.

The program includes weekly calls, interactive online sessions, access to the MoveWell Academy, exclusive access to Think Tanks and fostering a life long relationship with Sherry and the MoveWell Academy. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the best clinician you can be, don’t wait, schedule your free 15 minute consultation today.

Expected Learnings

  • Practical strategies for enhancing your daily clinical practice.
  • Methods for effectively leading and teaching a team.
  • The importance of sharing knowledge with both professional peers and patients.
  • The value of teaching as a tool for deeper learning and professional differentiation.
  • Techniques for achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Course Curriculum Teaser

  • Lesson 1: Welcome
  • Lesson 2: How to get support
  • Lesson 3: Weekly Think Tank calls
  • Lesson 1: Setting the vision for your life and business
  • Lesson 2: You are the leader
  • Lesson 3: Low Ego High Curiosity
  • Lesson 1: Subject: The perfect interview
  • Lesson 2: Objective: Picking up data that matters
  • Lesson 3: Assessment: It’s not just about tolerating things well
  • Lesson 4: Plan: Creating the customized experience is the protocol

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